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About SkinHealix

About SkinHealix

SkinHealix’s leadership in proprietary biopeptide technology has enabled it to create a spectrum of products with efficacy that adjusts to the needs of a client’s skin. The more substantial its needs, the more active the product. That’s our cosmeceutical advantage.

 Our Approach to Skin Care 

Skinhealix continues to leverage the best of nature’s botanical ingredients against its expertise in biopeptide science to put a fresh spin on some familiar product concepts. The benefit is a refreshing product inventory that is both award winning and patented. And to that end, our goal remains the same - to create a more effective product line that is as elegant to the discriminating esthetician as it is to our customers.




As President and Founder of Actiogen Corporation, parent company of SkinHealix, Chanda Zaveri has been a pioneer in skincare evolution since 1994 having developed products, based on novel peptide chemistry, in the skin care/cosmeceutical, dermaceutical, and wound care industries. Her commitment to science and understanding of biological cell structures and how to communicate with it using specially designed peptides has made Chanda one of the world’s leading experts in cosmeceuticals, nutraceuticals, wound-healing technology and cancer chemotherapeutic innovations.

 The Skin

It is no mistake Chanda invests her expertise in developing formulas that are functional and optimized in providing maximum health to one of our most vital and neglected organs; our skin. After diagnosis of a medical condition where her treatments severely damaged her skin, Zaveri focused on developing products that revitalized her skin and relieved her from pain and the adverse effects of her medical treatments. SkinHealix proudly showcases many of the formulations developed during that period encapsulating immense benefits to both damaged and healthy skin.

 The American Dream

An eager student, Chanda earned her bachelor’s degree in India at the age of 17 and left for America shortly thereafter, even though her family had arranged for her marriage. “I just wanted to be my own person,” she says. “I used to dream about receiving the Nobel Prize because it meant I had helped the world.” Committed to that goal, she continued her studies receiving a Masters degree in Molecular Biology from the University of California, Santa Barbara and also pursued graduate studies at California Institute of Technology where she was mentored by and worked under world renowned scientist and humanitarian Dr. Linus Pauling, the only two time independent Nobel Prize winner. After graduate school and a brief stint working for a major pharmaceutical company, Chanda chose to pursue her own scientific visions as an entrepreneur and founded Actiogen Corporation based on her proprietary peptide chemistry and healing vision. Chanda never compromises efficacy and quality for price, which is why SkinHealix products deliver comprehensive benefits of science and application. 

The Humanitarian

Coupling her dermatological products with a slate of additional scientific initiative allow Chanda to make an enormous impact. Money she makes from the sale of her products goes to her true passion: curing cancer, healing wounds and sequencing the proteins in the human body. Her studies are resulting in genetic disorders and diseases to be diagnosed without invasive, uncomfortable and expensive tests, scans and radiology. 

In addition, her commitment to wound healing innovation has helped a broad range of chronic, acute and exotic wounds including gunshot wounds or other second-degree burns. The peptides found in her proprietary formulation create new tissue and heals damaged blood vessels. Her goal for the wound-healing agent is worldwide distribution and availability to anyone regardless of financial restraints. She believes the potential to end amputations from diabetic pressure sores are in her formula. 

A Truly innovative products that empower your skin to be beautiful. Both the advanced science and the ancient botanicals in our products results from research of Dr. Chanda Zaveri, a renowned chemist and molecular biologist. They have been tested and proven effective in independent laboratory studies.

SkinHealix products are exclusive patented formulas, utilizing our own proprietary peptide chemistry. They are more effective than other products which use the shared, commercially available peptides that are found in other skin care lines.

These formulations are combined with vitamins, minerals, and herbal and plant extracts witch work in synergy to produce superior skin care and anti-aging treatments. We welcome you to share our success in “Skin Care & Beauty through Advanced Scientific Research” and to experience the pleasure and benefits of our SMART SKIN Products!"